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Charmin Commercial Videos

Check out my collection of old and new Charmin commercial videos starring Dick Wilson as the original “Mr Whipple” character and those bothersome Bears. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, I saw and heard about the old Charmin commercials a lot…what else you expect with a last name like Whipple! Thinking themselves rather droll, people would oftentimes ask me at school and then later at work if I “squeezed the Charmin” or not.

In my opinion, the new commercial with the Bears is pretty “unbearable” (excuse the pun) and don’t understand what in the world bears have to do with toilets, much less toilet paper. Let me know what you think. Even though this is The Daily Squeeze, I am a real Mr Whipple after-all, so remember – please don’t squeeze the Charmin!

My playlist starts off with a a more recent Charmin toilet paper ad you can watch:

    Ever wondered when toilet paper was first used and where it came from? Maybe or maybe not, but here’s a LINK where you can find out more.

    In our household, Mrs Whipple mostly controls the purchasing and making sure our bathrooms have adequate amounts of toilet paper. Our favorite brands of toilet paper include Charmin Ultra Soft, Cottonelle and Angel Soft. We usually buy whichever one has the best sale going on. Double rolls or bigger are always preferred.

    A recent apres-toilet paper addition and must for our bathrooms now are cleansing or flush-able wipes (aka “butt wipes”). There’s a frequently run TV commercial about them where this lady is trying to get people to “go commando.” Thanks, but no thanks!

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